✿ Prices ✿

static (no animation)

$25 +$10 for backgrounds

$35 for 300x300px

*anything that isn't part of the character is extra

simple animation

$50 (+$10 for backgrounds)
*for simple motions like blinking or moving a mouth/tail

pixel icons

static (no animation) icon $5

2 frame animation icon $10

simple (3+ frame) animation icon $15

complex animation icon $20

two frame animation

$40 (+$10 for backgrounds)

*Two frames only!

complex animation

$80 (+$10 for backgrounds)*for larger motions (keep in mind some may still be too complex for me!)

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✿ Pixel Examples ✿

note: 50x50 icon pixels are not included in examples because it's been so long since I've made any so most of my past examples are old